Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Watch this space

Ah... we have been gone too long, but don't despair. We have found a new home on Basic.fm so in the next few weeks you can enjoy our mix of music, poetry, lectures, readings, rantings and silly stuff. It's pretty rare that there is not at least one thing on the programme to raise a smile if not a real laugh.

Even though this will be the third station we've broadcast on in the last 2 years, we are so fond of our name that we are sticking with it.
Of course you know where the name comes from? - What?  Heavens....

it's my favourite author's brilliant book - the first of her books that I read, and perhaps for that reason probably still my favourite.  I do recommend her writing to anyone who can read... she writes about real people in real situations - often doing the things we don't quite dare to do. The thing that makes her books so real for me is that they draw such clear portraits of people and somehow, while telling a story, don't feel obliged to build into climaxes and denouments and all the stuff so many writers think are essential. They are all the more real and memorable for their apparent ordinariness. Have I contradicted myself enough?

So with all this in mind, we'll be back in your ears soon - in the meantime, why don't you read a book?