Sunday, 18 September 2011

Where did the summer go?

Hard to believe that we haven't posted any news since just before Lulu James came on the show. She just turned 21 last week and is now loaded with bling and handbags :-)
The whole summer (without the sun) flashed by and circumstances haven't given us the chance to sit down and put our feet up - but we made special programmes for George Jackson, and Attica - so many major anniversaries in the past few weeks.

This week's show was dedicated entirely to the impending execution of Troy Davis in Georgia. There are lots of petitions that can be signed to try to save his life. It turns out that the DA also has the power to request the judge to withdraw the execution warrant, so all is not lost. On Monday he will have one more hearing where it is hoped new evidence can be brought in - not least that 7 of 9 witnesses have retracted their testimony which was clearly co-erced by the police.

Here are links for more information and to the petitions:

Please read about Troy's case and sign the petitions - spread the news to your friends. Saying 'oops' afterwards if they execute an innocent man.

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