Saturday, 12 March 2011

International Womens Day - links

In the last half hour or so of the March 11 programme we played a series of interviews made at International Women's Day events in Newcastle and Gateshead.
I promised to post the links, so here they are.

The Newcastle event was organised by the Co-Op together with Daisy Green, and the Gateshead event by Gateshead Council - both were very enjoyable and informative. (and the ice-cream at the Newcastle event was totally delicious).

Daisy Green
took part in both events and organised clothes swaps which were a great success

North-East Organic Growers
grow organic vegetables and deliver veg packages to link people in a wide area around the North-East. they also sell fruit and eggs (and yummy honey!)
or - perhaps a better page -

Fair Squared 
sell ethical, fair-trade items such as sneakers, chutneys, soaps and condoms

Surf & Silver
Emma Harbottle and her daughters collect sea glass from local beaches and turn it into beautiful jewellery which is sold in some local outlets and on Facebook. Outlets sought in Durham!

sell beautiful eithically traded products from India, including quilts, bags, candles scarves and jewellery

There were other craft sellers at the Newcastle event and a nice collection of small businesses run by women at the Gateshead event - so good to see people following their passions and working to help others.

You can hear the programme on

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