Friday, 18 March 2011

Jimmy Dennis

Jimmy Dennis has been on death row in SCI Greene in Pennsylvania since 1992. The case against him is about as flimsy as a diaphanous nightgown - and yet on Monday March 14 his death warrant was signed and his execution date scheduled for May 10.
Here we are not going into the whole case which is well-documented elsewhere. Instead we will try to give as many websites and contact information as we can.

First, join the Facebook page of the CCADP - Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty. Tracy Lamourie and Dave Parkinson who run the CCADP have been campaigning for Jimmy since 1998. - there is a petition on this site - PLEASE SIGN! - plenty of links and sound files here

You can write to Jimmy (your letter will be read before he gets it and probably no enclosures are allowed - with the possible exception of US postage stamps - check first)

Jimmy A. Dennis  BY7796
175 Progress Drive
Waynsburg, PA 
15370-8090 USA
We will add more information as it comes to us.
More information on the Death Penalty in the US

There are also a number of Facebook pages - including the Innocence Project where you can get current information and ask questions.

Even the police in the US agree that the death penalty does nothing to reduce murder rates.
Even Stevie Wonder can see that executing a person does not bring the victim back.
Keeping a person in jail for life is way way cheaper than going the execution route.
Face it - the death penalty is doing no-one any good.

Listen to the programme we made for Jimmy today and hear how the people who are part of the execution team feel after witnessing 30, 50, 70, 100, 130 state murders.

Jimmy has been given a stay of execution, so now he can launch an appeal. This judge will have the power to order him a new trial, or he could simply throw the case out and set Jimmy free. Keep up the pressure and let's hope he will be free to be with his little girls soon!

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