Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Celestial Navigation Rides Again

After a somewhat precipitate removal from our spot on local radio, we have had a few weeks to lick the wounds and are now ready to clamber back behind the mic.

We're really happy to become part of the Catalyst Radio network and hope to build an audience that is not offended by hearing some Black history when it's not October.... Well, without putting anyone down, I think our mix of truth and healthy criticism was a little too much for some people. As for balance - how do you balance the history of the Black Panther Party - with a diatribe from J Edgar Hoover? By that token we should have put Hitler's point of view as balance in a programme we once made on the Holocaust...

Tra la la and so it goes.... Starting on May 12 you can tune on on Saturdays from 5pm for a couple of hours on Catalyst Radio. We will start with a few programmes from the archive, swiftly followed by spanking new programmes from our very own studio.

In the near future we may also resurrect some of the shows made in the 80s and 90's by poet, painter  and activist Maurice Di for A Love Supreme Broadcasts on Radio 100 in Amsterdam.... so keep listening, we have a treasure trove of interviews and poetry.... to drop just a few names, think the Last Poets, Chuck D, Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scott-Heron, Jessica Care Moore, Sharrif Simmons, Mother's Finest ..... I think I have your attention....

I hope you are pleased - we are!

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