Saturday, 2 June 2012

In memory of... Gil Scott Heron, Curtis Mayfield, Allen Ginsberg

Today's show includes some exclusive interviews made with Gil Scott-Heron, Curtis Mayfield and Allen Ginsberg by Maurice Di of A Love Supreme Broadcasts, Amsterdam.
Di made radio with a number of stations in Amsterdam between 1985 and 1997.

Gil Scott-Heron died on May 27, 2011; Curtis Mayfield and Allen Ginsberg were born on June 3, Curtis in 1942 and Ginsberg in 1926 - plenty of reasons to hear from all of them in a couple of hours.

In the next couple of shows you'll finally hear COINTELPRO 101 part 2 and the programmes we made earlier this year for the birthdays of Angela Davis and Huey P Newton.

You can't say we don't bring you some great treats.

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